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(updated 12/22/2015)
What is ULTRA HD or 4K?

The setup in the pic above is used for our 4k output final review after each edit is finished. ULTRA HD is the format that is going to replace 1080p HD with five times the amount of resolution detail. Imagine putting four 1080p HD display panels stacked together and you would get the resolution equivalent to an ULTRA HD panel. Technically, 4K involves imagery with 4096 pixels across and 2160 pixels high. QUAD HD has a very small drop in horizontal resolution of 3840 vs 4096, but has the same 2160 pixel height as 4K. Since the difference is so small, ULTRA HD and 4K are used interchangeably. I think the easiest way to make sense of the resolution is to refer to it by megapixels. HD 1080p is a 2 megaxpixel image and ULTRA HD is a whopping 8 megapixel image. 8 is much better than 2. =)

Can you even tell the difference?

There appears to be much debate that goes on amongst critics who likely have never even seen 4k in person. You know the saying...seeing is believing. Understandably...and actually quite predictably, there is some backlash against ULTRA HD. The same resistance happened when HD first came out, however, look at where we are today. I think this post on Gizmodo sums up our opinion regarding ULTRA HD 4K: If You Don't Think 4K TV Is Freaking Awesome, There's Something Wrong With You."

Why ULTRA HD 4K Porn?

Check out this amusing post: "Ultra HD: What Will the Porn Industry Think?" We prefer to think of it as four times the stunning fidelity that is a visual feast for the eyes. For the first time in history, we can now finally have motion picture images that have the fidelity and quality of the photographic stills. If you look at a 1080p video grab and a DSLR high megapixel still side-by-side, you will immediately notice the quality difference. With ULTRA HD 4K, the image quality barrier is smashed because the image is so sharp and gorgeous. We know we are a bit ahead of our time here by releasing 4K porn when very few people today have 4k panels or players. Our goal is to produce the largest high quality 4k erotica library. Although we are probably not the first adult entertainment company to shoot 4k, we are really excited to be the very first company in history (as far as we know) to RELEASE porn at ULTRA HD 4K resolution. We hope all the 4K porn fans can help support us by buying our content.

Can I afford ULTRA HD 4K?

You would be shocked by how affordable ULTRA HD panels have become in such a short time. A couple of years ago, panels were pushing towards $20,000 and up. The prices, however, have dropped dramatically over the past couple of years and now you can purchase 4K televisions from Walmart and Costco for a few hundred dollars. Huccio highly recommends the WASABI MANGO ULTRA HD monitor. This can do 4k at a true 60hz refresh rate. What this means is that you can get full quality 4k on a large screen at a true monitor refresh rate for computing as well as viewing. We tested the Vizio and Sharp 40" displays and the quality pales in comparison to the WASABI (really funny name but delivers). We purchased our monitors on Amazon and Newegg. (both offer free shipping).

What kind of player do I need to play ULTRA HD 4K?

Since the 4K screens have come down in price... now what about the player? Just like the display industry, the chip technology development for 4K playback is coming fast and furious. Lets start at the top of the chain. One of the higher end 4k playback devices is the Redray player by RED. The big plus with Redray, which does not use any physical disc, is that it does some magical processing of the content and squeezes the otherwise huge 4K file down to a tiny file size. Besides the Redray player, the next option would be a current generation computer. Current medium to high end computers may have 4k capable graphics cards already built in, so you might have a computer that can output 4K without even knowing it. Some of the latest pc graphics cards support 4k output via HDMI. Case in point, we have tested a Macbook Pro retina laptop that can pump UHD out via HDMI with the help of this display port to HDMI adapter and a software called "SwitchResX." The new MAC PRO is the "Bugatti" of desktop computers that will be able to support 3 streams of 4K right out of the box. Last but not least, good old physical media will have another push for ULTRA HD Blu-Ray coming out early 2016. The upside is that the bit rate will be great and therefore the quality will be higher than anything you would be streaming. Huccio will release a high bit rate VOLUME I special edition ULTRA HD Blu-RAY compilation once the format is available.